Rescue dog with an ‘endless supply of love’ cannot cope living in kennels

Rescue dog with an ‘endless supply of love’ cannot cope living in kennels

Whilst many rescue dogs are happy to settle into kennels and enjoy being dotted on by amazing canine carers, some just can’t adjust and find it all too stressful – Ace the nine-year-old American bulldog is one of these pups.

Ace hated living in a kennel and felt very distressing behind bars, so a loving foster family stepped in to help. But this is only temporary and staff at Dogs Trust Basildon are longing to find him a place to call home for good.

Centre manager Kelly McMaster, said: “Ace is beautiful and brilliant; he always finds a way to bring a non-stop smile to your face and has an endless supply of love to give.

“He finds kennels extremely stressful, which is why he’s now living in a foster home.

“Whilst we are incredibly grateful to our foster carers, they are unable to keep Ace forever, so we are really keen to find him a permanent home, that can offer him just as much love back.”

Staff warn potential adopters not to be fooled by Ace’s age because he is an active boy who loves going out for walks.

His favourite thing to do is meet new people and have a fuss, so a multi-person household would be perfect for him.

He is an “absolutely amazing houseguest” and is very well-trained, so settling into a new family would be easy.

Ace would love his own garden and much prefers living and walking in low dog populated areas, as he can be unsure of other canines.

If you could provide Ace with the loving forever home he so greatly deserves, please head to Basildon’s rehoming page to find out more.

Dogs Trust Basildon is calling on local animal lovers to consider opening their hearts and homes to give dogs like Ace a temporary place to stay.

The centre is hoping to find more volunteers who would like to foster so that rescue dogs can continue to enjoy a home environment while they wait for their new owners.

Kerry MacGregor, Home from Home co-ordinator, says: “Fostering a dog is extremely rewarding and I strongly urge anyone who has a dog-sized hole in their life, but who isn’t able to commit to having a permanent canine companion, to contact us to find out more about the scheme and if it’s right for them.

“Dogs like Ace benefit so much from a foster home, and we couldn’t be more grateful to his foster family for providing him with all of the love he needs and more.”

Foster carers need to be over the age of 18, preferably have an adult-only home and be around for most of the day, as well as having their own car and living within an hour of the centre.