Tourist told to ‘get real’ for calling Stonehenge ‘biggest joke in Europe’ on TripAdvisor

Tourist told to ‘get real’ for calling Stonehenge ‘biggest joke in Europe’ on TripAdvisor

A disappointed tourist was told to “get real” after labelling Stonehenge “the biggest joke in Europe next to the Queen” in a scathing TripAdvisor review.

The holidaymaker described their visit to the ancient site in Salisbury, Wiltshire as “the worst moment of my life”.

Stonehenge sees more than 800,000 tourists a year, but one was left annoyed enough to leave a long review over the “bunch of rocks”.

Accurately named, ‘Stonehenge hater’ said: “It is just a bunch of rocks. I have no idea why anyone would be excited to go to Stonehenge.

“My friend once asked me ‘what do you hate most in life?’ and without a second thought I uttered the only truth I have, and that was Stonehenge.

“Every moment I think about Stonehenge I curl up into a ball and think about all the poor innocent lives that were bored for anywhere between 1-3 hours because they had the misfortune of seeing a bunch of rocks that just circle you ominously.”

Finishing off their rant about the stone circle, the reviewer added: “Absolute terrible monument, gets laughed at by the rest of the world’s wonders on a daily basis. The biggest joke in Europe next to the Queen, I swear to god.”

Stonehenge consists of a group of rough-cut stones – some more than 20 feet high – arranged in two concentric circles and has received more than 14,000 reviews on the popular review site TripAdvisor.

Not all the comments were entirely negative, one visitor came to the attraction’s rescue, urging people not to listen to the ‘grumpy reviews’.

The Stonehenge supporter said: “We almost skipped doing this because I kept reading that it was over-rated and that there were better, less-crowded options for ancient sites. But get real, it’s Stonehenge.

“We had a tour guide which was great because he was able to explain all the history, not just of ‘the rocks’ but the context of all the other features both within sight of the henge, but also regionally. Getting that background reality made the trip.”

However, other tourists seem to agree with the disgruntled holidaymaker.

One tourist slammed the attraction for being ‘way too expensive’ they said: “Way too expensive. How they can charge the prices they do is a p*ss take.

“I know there’s upkeep but not that much. The stones have managed all these years.”